Tiger Balm TVC


A school project brief to create a 30-second TV commercial for a brand or product. I selected Tiger Balm’s pain relief patches as the subject of my TVC.

In dealing with the subject of pain, the copywriting for Tiger Balm is pretty wry, almost sardonic, setting the tone of dark humour in this project. The heir of Tiger Balm, Aw Boon Haw, also built Haw Par Villa, a large historic local attraction famous for their depiction of the ten levels of hell. Therefore, I decided to use collage-style visuals of Haw Par Villa’s hell to portray the  narrative — inspired by their copy “Pain Happens. Suffering is Optional” — in this motion graphic TVC.

Founded in Singapore, Tiger Balm is a internationally renowned brand of pain-relieving ointment, customised into a range of formulations, suitable for tackling headaches and cold, rheumatic or arthritic pains, or muscle strains and pains.